" The groove consists of various ideas working together in tempo and feel, 

creating an exciting place for music to exist. "    ~ j

About the ARTIST

Jim Castaneda ~ Musician

     He is a singer, a bass player, a mouth-drummer, a performer; and since first learning some of his favorite chords on the guitar, Jim Castaneda has embarked on a journey to develop his musical voice. 

     ‘Original Jim’ has been focusing on his sound by writing and arranging in a performance style he calls a ‘Solo Band’; live multi-layering a combination of traditional instrumentation such as guitar, keyboard, basstones and layered vocals all together with a fresh approach to percussion into full form arrangements; often sounding like a small band rather than a solo act thanks to a few carefully chosen foot pedals and a talent for multi-tasking while live on stage. 

      A native of Washington State, Jim Castaneda was born in Seattle on the first day of fall a few decades ago.  Throughout the years, Jim spent time carving out a place in the regional A Cappella world as co-founder and member of the award-winning vocal band, Kickshaw, a group who has seen all of its original members go on to make more music through teaching, writing, performing and in one case watching and supporting as their youngest singer made it all the way to the finals of American Idol. During their time together, Kickshaw (feat. D. Figgins, A. Marshall, D. Shoemaker, J. Moulton, B. Lewis, Jim and rounding out the final lineup with K. Schramm & N. Bolgopolski) traveled all over the western U.S., opening for acts such as Huey Lewis and the News, Crystal Gayle, Take 6 and many others; spending much of their time in the Pacific Northwest playing hundreds of shows all around the Seattle area. Kickshaw became one of the area’s premier A Cappella vocal bands and producers of some of the highest quality original A Cappella recordings of their time. 

     The musical universe got a new set of original songs in the form of Jim’s debut collection on 'Beatbox Soul', a self-produced rhythm & vocal-driven album that highlights the artist's easy-going style and skilled beatbox production; providing 95% of the drums. A concept album at its core, this project was DIY all the way. Jim recorded each track, one by one, to produce a full-length professional-like quality release that has listeners setting their CD players to 'repeat all'.

     Currently, Jim is working his way around the pacific NW region, performing a mix of his own tunes as well as melding his solo band style with some popular hits from time to time; all the while spreading a positive vibe and keeping a steady groove.

     Past musical projects have included bass and vocal duties in the turn of the millennium ‘mutt-rock’ party band, 3SG, as well as co-writing for and laying down the ‘human rhythm section’ as a beatboxing bassist in Woodrush, a popular moderate rock/folk/pop trio. 


About The Band



Each song has its own Style; funky blues, 

americana pop-trot, waltz, soul-vibes 

and more; a fine introduction to 

the artist’s taste and influence.



Each live set holds its own Groove; from the tickety-tack of a rim shot, the deep and rumbling pound of the lowest bass tones and everything in between; 

a mini master class in live loop layering. 



Each song sings its own simple Lyric; 

capturing a feeling, expressing a thought, 

and letting the time in between 

take a listener to their own place in the music.

About the ALBUM


Jim’s debut collection is 'Beatbox Soul', a self-produced album that highlights the artist's easy going style with skilled beatbox and vocal production.