What is a Solo Band ?

 "A 'Solo Band' is a live looping musician who combines multiple instruments into layered arrangements in order to emulate the sound of a full ensemble."    


Utilizing his guitar, vocals & keyboard, a talent for multi-tasking in front of an audience and a fresh approach to the beat, Jim masters the mechanics of live-layering with toe tappin' rhythm, musicality and plenty of good tunes.


  Watch this dynamic musician create his art live on stage in an intriguing new presentation he calls a ‘Solo Band’.   

The Proof is in the Looping

Here's an example of how Jim puts it all together ~

Do you hear what I see ?

image107 that a band ?

Imagine you've been hearing music throughout an event, but haven't been around to see it just yet. 

As you turn the corner expecting to see a small group, you instead see, 

under the lights and among the instruments... 

one person. 


Enter :  Original Jim  

A compact solo band that brings a unique 100% live performance style along with

 a whole new sound to the stage, laying down a solid set of loops that take 

listeners on a musical trip.  From guitar to voice to keyboard and beats, 

you'll hear it all from just one solo musical artist.

Here's a fun game to play the next time you hear live music... 

Before you look toward the stage, see if you can first 

count the number of musicians you think you hear... 

Then take a peek to see if you were right...  

..... It might be a solo band.

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“I discovered that music 

and rhythm was in my soul; 

not just something I did.  

It was me”